Half off

n episode 185 Marco, JB, and Tim recap the last UFC event of 2022 and talk about some stats from the IBJJF nogi world championship and we discuss leg free athlete Zion Clarks MMA debut vs a full person. We discuss differently abled people participating in sports and we read a nice review from a […]

Meditations on Death

In episode 184 Marco, JB, and Tim recap UFC 282 and discuss the fights between Topuria and Mitchell, Pimblett vs Gordon and Blachowicz vs Ankalaev. We discuss living a life with the acceptance of death, when to teach kids they’re going to die and we answer questions about having a guy for everything that we […]

Gambling in MMA, footsweeps, and epithets.

In episode 183 Marco, JB, and Tim recap some of the UFC fight night fights and discuss Alex Periera moving to light heavyweight, James Krause being canceled from MMA for gambling Marco visits a small town theater, plays old school video games, and non violently protests the customer service at Sprouts. We talk about Roger […]

Tim shares the most valubale lesson he’s learned in Jiu-Jitsu.

In episode 182 Marco, JB, and Tim take a deep dive into thanksgiving. We come to an agreement that khabib is not the GOAT thanks to Ariel Helwani. We talk about internet nerds shitting on Gordon Ryans lifting routine. We talk about Gi vs Nogi for beginners and we discuss what happens when GOATS like […]

Roid Rage

In episode 181 Marco, JB, and Tim take a deep dive into the romance novel world and attend a book signing and the ladies in attendance swoon over Marco and Tim. We talk the UFC fights and say goodbye to rumble johnson. Marco has a messy experience in the banya toilet and we discuss locker […]

Episode One Hundred and Eighty

In episode 180 Marco, JB, and Tim talk UFC 281 and the wild fights between Chandler and Poirier, Hooker vs Pulles, Edgar vs Gutierez and the main event between Peiriera and Adesanya. We discuss what Peirieras win means for the middleweight division and what is next for Adesanya. We talk about the downward spiral of […]

Ripping submissions

In episode 179 Marco goes to the beach and Tim goes to the bathroom. We discuss proper #2 etiquette. We recap some of the fights from UFC fight night and give our predics for Adesanya vs Pereira. We take a look at a new tactical grappling sport from brazil and we talk about a 16 […]

Ali Baba and the 40 thieves

On episode 178 Marco, Tim, and JB recap the UFC fights and the Boxing match between Anderson Silva and Jake Paul. We take a deep dive into the WNBA and come up with a few ways for them to increase their viewership. Marco is the victim of a hit and run and helps a blind […]

Unicycles are ineffcient

On episode 177 Marco, Tim, and JB debate the value of the weekly check in and we recap the big fights from UFC 280 between Oliviera and Makhachev, Yan and O’malley, and Dilishaw vs Sterling. We talk about UFC fighters being prohibited from gambling on all fights, should slap fighting be added to UFC events, […]

Who is JB?

On episode 176 Marco, Tim, tell JB about their experiences at the grappling industries event where Tims Hellfish team soundly defeated Marcos NJMA squad in the team rankings. We talk about the highlights of the event and then we talk about some of the UFC fights and we give our predicts on the big fights […]