Chivalry or Misogyny, you decide.

On episode 175 Marco, Tim, and JB talk about Marcos journey through the dark underbelly of the philadelphia espresso world in his new career as a social media influencer. We talk some celebrity boxing and we answer some questions about what olympic/NCAA/professional wrestlers would have dominated had they transitioned to mma, we also tackle the […]

Slapped in the face with a trout….

On episode 174 Marco, Tim, and JB talk about the rumors of Mark Zuckerberg renting out an entire UFC fight night event for himself. We talk about how the UFC will look without Dana White in command, is Bo Nickal the biggest prospect in MMA and who should he fight next in the UFC, rumors […]

Will wrestling improve your jiu-jitsu more than jiu-jitsu can?

On episode 173 Marco, Tim, and JB talk about Floyd Mayweathers recent exhibition match in Japan. Tim goes to a funeral and some muay thai fights to corner his students. We talk about internet beef between Gordon Ryan and Luke Rockhold, and Daniel Cormier and Nate Diaz. We talk about how Dana White is fighting […]

Deceptive and Disrespected grip

On episode 169 Marco, Tim, and JB argue about the right way to handle getting submitted by a training partner. We talk about some Hellfish students big wins at the men of war pro grappling event and Marco throwing a new student out of NJMA. There were no UFC fights this week, so we recap […]

Weight cuts

On episode 167 Marco, Tim, and JB discuss the UFC on Espn featuring Dominic Cruz and Marlon Vera and whether or not time and injuries have caught up to Cruz and when he should call it quits. Marco goes to Bob Evans for breakfast and we talk about Internet superstars Andrew Tate and Jake Paul […]

Space is Fake

On episode 166 Marco, Tim, and JB discuss the UFC fights and talk about the Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena no time limit match and give our predictions for the historic no time limit match. We discuss Anthony Pettis admitting to tapping early because to collect a check and save himself for his next fight […]