On episode #9, of The Ninja Rob Podcast Marco welcomes guest host NJ Campbell, MD (Psychiatrist) while Tim is off gallivanting across Europe. They discuss NJ’s ability to juggle jiu-jitsu, school, and work while in pursuit of his black belt. They discuss the myriad health benefits of practicing jiu-jitsu as a coping mechanism for everyday-life-stressors and to fend off mild cases of depression and anxiety. They go on to discuss the benefits of using a growth mind state vs. a fixed mind state to improve one’s jiu-jitsu and to help cope when life gets difficult. With Tim’s up and coming Fight to Win match they discuss techniques to help prepare for tournaments that include drilling, visualization, and picking the right training partners. After Marcelo Garcia made a statement against trash talk Marco and NJ debate the risks and benefits of “talking shit.” Finally,in response to a listener's question they discuss what it takes to stay humble, friendly, and ego free while having fun on the mat.