On episode #4 Tim and Marco answer some fantastic questions from the listeners. We reveal how to become more “technical” at jiu jitsu, how to use the jiu jitsu belt ranking system in the wrestling world, what techniques are considered to be “dirty” or “meathead” moves in jiu jitsu, how to recover from hard training, and who would win in a fight between Helio Gracie and Bruce Lee. We also do a quick recap of the recent World Championships in Jiu Jitsu and Boxing.

Show Notes

0:26 Opening, Is the Goalie in Place?
1:44 Introductions
2:21 IBJJF Worlds
3:21 Question 1 – Did you watch Worlds? Favorite Match or Moment?
3:40 Marco’s favorite thing
7:14 Marco’s 2nd most interesting thing from Worlds
8:25 Tim’s favorite matches
11:10 Tim’s idea for how to get jiujitsu taken seriously
12:35 Story of Devon and a jiujitsu first
14:14 Something that holds people back from training
16:50 Anthony Joshua v Andy Ruiz
20:00 History of Fat Body Fighters
22:45 Question 2 – Bruce Lee v Helio Gracie
27:03 Question 3 – How did Tim & Marco get into teaching?
28:10 How Marco got into teaching
30:56 How Tim got into teaching
33:02 Do you have to teach to get better at jiujitsu?
33:31 Question 4 – How does a jiujitsu person become better at being technical?
36:50 Strength vs Technique
40:31 Question 5 – Any tips for balancing work, family & training?
45:30 Question 6 – What skills/miles stones should be achieved at each belt?
51:12 Question 7 – Do you partake in any activities to help with recovery?
55:02 Question 8 – What is the place of size, strength and physicality in jiujitsu?
58:03 Examples of “dirty grappling”
1:06:13 Jiujitsu for everyone “gentle art” – Rickson’s meaning of the phrase
1:07:23 Question 9 – How should belts/rank work in wrestling?
1:09:12 Promotions through competitive success vs technical proficiency
1:12:37 Would wrestling accept a ranking system?
1:16:05 In Closing