On this week’s episode of the Ninja Rob Podcast with Marco Perazzo and Tim carpenter, we discuss some recent events in the mma/fighting world including Malinaggi spitting on Lobov with a friend of ours getting sprayed in the crossfire, Urijah Faber vs Nicky Ryan in Polaris, and if Nicky Ryan is a prodigy, if a prodigy even exists. We also touch on Sage Northcutts face getting smashed into pieces, the efficacy of leg locks in MMA or the lack thereof.  

:22 Intro
1:41 Feedback from our Wives
3:12 Recent UFC Fight Night 152 and ONE FC
6:40 Thoughts on injuring opponents
8:30 Is Grapple Boxing the best way to fight?
11:36 Gary Tonon vs Kron Gracie
15:05 Leglocks: Rickson, MMA & More
22:10 Boxing, Bareknuckle & Malignaggi spits on Lobov
30:04 Rio Heros & IBJJF Worlds
35:54 Flograppling Pros & Cons
42:16 Polaris 10 Predictions
46:40 What is a 'Prodigy'?
49:27 What's better Prodigy or Generalist?
53:12 Hellfish Competition Results
59:53 How to Submit a Question to the Ninja Rob Podcast
1:00:05 Listener Questions Answered
1:09:18 The vs A 
1:10:45 Wrap Up