On episode 155, Marco, Tim , and Jb begrudgingly check in before briefly discussing the UFC fight night event. We discuss the theme songs that would be featured in the movies of our lives and we pay our respects to a recently deceased adult film star. We answer questions about what to look for in a bjj school and what red flags to look out for when choosing a place to train. We talk about training takedowns and how changes to BJJ scoring could advance the sport. We discuss how to deal with hugs from strangers and what we plan to do with our schools when we are no longer running it.

Marco's theme song Jamiroquai Space Cowboy: https://youtu.be/FU-VSGr0MnM
JB's theme song Jay-Z What more can I say: https://youtu.be/CVZ5KSRkXI0
Timmy's Theme Song Basil Poledouris Anvil of Crom: https://youtu.be/BHfE682mm3c