The Podcast for (a or the)True Martial Artist

Episode #74
Karate kicks and heel hooks

On the 74th episode, Tim , Marco, Devin, and JB sit down and talk about the highlight reel knockout moments from the recent UFC Fight night. We talk about what it takes for a fighter to make the most flashy and innovative techniques work under the pressure of a UFC fight. We talk about Philly fighter Chris Daukus and his recent success in the UFC and how he can best handle being a full time police officer and chase the heavyweight title at the same time. We also cover the recent change to IBJJF rules that will allow heelhooks and knee reaping in competition and how that will change the competition scene in the short and long term. We discuss some recent viral street fight videos and share our excitement for an upcoming Christmas movie starring Mel Gibson as Santa Claus.

Episode #73
Trump vs Biden who wins a fist fight

On the 73rd episode of the Ninja Rob podcast, Marco, Tim, and JB talk about how wrong their predictions were in the Adesanya vs Costa fight and Devin gloats about how right his prediction was. We discuss how good adesanya is and if there is anyone that can challenge him at 185 or 205 as well as who will win should he meet John Jones at some point. We talk about the presidential debate and Trumps recent Covid diagnosis and who would win in a fight between Trump and Biden. We recap the WNO event matches including Gordon Ryan vs Matheus Diniz and Nicky Ryan vs Tony Ramos and Craig Jones vs Roberto Jimenez. We discuss the ridiculous nature and excitement of Connor Mcgregor fighting Flloyd Mayweather and possibly Manny Pacquiao.

Episode #72:
Challenge matches, street fights and abusive instructors

Marco, Tim, JB, and Devin are back with the 72nd episode. On this episode we give our predictions on the middleweight title fight between Adesanya and Costa and breakdown what each fighter brings to the cage and what they need to do to win. We also discuss some recent viral videos from the martial arts community and discuss challenge matches, street fights, and abusive instructors. We also answer some questions from listeners about what grappling arts would be good to supplement with BJJ, how to create a good vibe in a gym, how to get into shape for bjj/mma, and when we will get Kyle Cerminara back on the podcast.

Episode #71:
Instant Classic Re-Release of Ep.16 A Jiu-Jitsu roundtable with Jared Weiner

Ep.71 Instant Classic Re-Release of Ep.16 A Jiu-Jitsu roundtable with Jared Weiner
On episode #16 Tim and Marco welcome their 1st guest and longtime friend Jared Weiner, owner of BJJ United and Commander in Chief of the TAC team association. This episode is a Jiu Jitsu roundtable discussion covering topics like BJ Penns recent street fights and his past altercations at Jiu Jitsu competitions. The roundtable also cover topics like the importance of understanding the various rulesets of different competitions and what set of rules each of the guys prefers, what is the “IT” factor when it comes to a competitor, the importance of a competitor believing in his coach, the pros and cons of social media and the martial arts, belt demotions instead of promotions and much much more.

Episode #70:
Is the grass greener?

On episode 70 Marco, Tim, JB, and Devin discuss how terrible Bellator MMA has become since Tim left. We spend a good portion of the show talking about how to deal with a new student that is coming from another school. We discuss different reasons someone might leave a gym, how they talk about their former gym, and how they handle new students coming on board and the effect it can have on promotions for the new student and how important the culture of the school is. Tim discriminates against people with tattoos. We also get into movies and shows based around combat sports and what makes the difference between the good and bad martial arts movie.

Episode #69:
The people you meet and the places you will go

On the once in a lifetime 69th episode, we discuss the enigmatic titles of the Rambo films and the challenges of virtual school in the age of covid. This show is primarily dedicated to a discussion about the interesting people we meet and experiences we have had that would never have met or experienced if it was not for our involvement in the martial arts. From working the door at night clubs, training with navy seals, to running with the bulls and soiling your pants we take a trip down the memory lane provided by our lives dedicated to the martial arts

Episode #68:
Tucky Tucky

On episode 68, Marco, Tim, JB, and Devin discuss the death of the Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman and the chinese black market for organ transplants. We also talk about Tims first black belt fighting in the UFC on the anniversary of earning his blackbelt to fight on the main card and what he has to do in order to win. We talk about the unspoken rules of Jiu Jitsu like asking a higher belt to train and a few others from BJJ and traditional martial arts and we question the manhood of Suga Sean O’malley after being carried out on a stretcher from a sprained ankle. We talk about allowing students to train at other gyms and JB tells us a story about a recent situation that almost led to a fist fight.

Episode #67:
How the McLaren F1 became the most important car in martial arts history

On episode 67 Marco brags about his Icon status among a group of low level podcasters whilst blaming JB for his podcasts plummeting numbers. Marco institutes racial quotas for the podcast. We discuss the idea of self mastery and striving not to be better than others, but focusing on doing your best whether that be in podcasting, charity work, fighting, or making race cars, and how we can instill that idea in our gyms culture. We talk about the difference between saying Im sorry and a true apology. And we recap the rubber match of Cormier vs Miocic look back on Cormiers legendary career and we answer a few questions from a listener about how to manage distance in a fight.

Episode #66:
Dead or Alive who would you learn from

Ep. 66 After 4.5 minutes of JB, Tim, Marco, and Devin trying to decide who should start the show. We dive into some questions from listeners. We talk about which legendary martial artist living or dead would we want to train and speak with the most including, Kimura, Mayweather, Stu Hart, and Sho Kosugi. We talk about why the Heavyweight champ is considered the best of the best. We also discuss Paige Van Zant transitioning to Bare Knuckle boxing and fighter pay. We talk about a hypothetical match up between Mike Tyson and Royce Gracie. We give our predictions on the Cormier and DC rubber match.

Episode #65:

On episode 65 Marco, Tim, Devin and JB sit down and discuss the details of positional training including setting parameters, how specific the drill should be, who benefits most,  and how to be a good partner. JB shares a story about his experiences working part time at a funeral home and cremating bodies, and we talk about some of the weekends fights including the Black Beast vs the Boa Constrictor and Chris Weidmans attempt to get back in the win column after one of the most dramatic declines in the history of the sport.

Episode #64:
The story of Ninja Rob

Episode 64 is the origin story of Ninja Rob. We are joined by dear friend of the show, the enigmatic man known only as JB. He gives us the history of podcasts namesake, the Camden NJ street ninja Rob. We get insight into the man behind the legend and the history of his martial arts training. We also talk some recent mma news and traditional martial arts as well as how Martial arts training differs between various neighborhoods.

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Episode #63:
Tim pulls a real Costanza.

Tim is back on episode 63. Marco and Tim answer some great questions from listeners. We talk about some differences between old school and new school jiu jitsu culture and jiu jitsu for self defense. We review some internet fight videos from Crimefaces and how jiu jitsu can help you in a street fight. We revisit the discussion around what constitutes a sport and a skill. We also answer a question from long time listener Mike Olonoscopi about training around injuries or uncomfortable medical procedures.

Episode #62:
The new Ninja Rob?

Episode 62 The squad revisits generalist v specialist, Marco and Zach’s early beef and first experiences training. We discuss street jesus getting the nod to take on Usman, Devin’s go to for street fights, Marco considers his transition to ice hockey and Interviews will continue for the long term co-host spot.

Episode #61:
Tales from the Drive Thru

Episode 61. Marco learns about the death of rapper juice world who he previously never knew existed. Devin has an air fryer in the studio which creates a debate about microwaves vs air fryers. Marco relays a story about a recent incident at McDonald’s. We talk about Gilbert burns missing his world championship fight due to catching covid and who Usman should face next. We discuss poirer vs hooker, kimbo slice and who would win between Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather.

Episode #60:
Men are from mars and woman are from.....

On episode 60 Marco, Tim, and Devin discuss their significant others taste in movies and entertainment and the differences between men and women. They talk about the corner controversy in the UFC involving Robert Drysdale and a fighter that wanted to quit and if a fighter can ever come back after quitting. They give their predictions on the upcoming UFC Fight Island Card in Dubai. We talk about the ridiculous nature of weight cutting in combat sports and what could be done about it. We take a question from listeners about the inclusivity of jiu jitsu and what is a gyms responsibility to vet prospective students for racism.

Episode #59:
"Thank god for fascism" - Tim Carpenter

On episode 59 Marcos ego has been shattered by the success of the recent Timkashi 6ix9ine episode and he tries to wrestle the show back from Tim. Tim exposes Marcos deeply closeted white nationalism. New Jersey Martial Arts has been linked to racist hate groups by an instagram troll and Marco details his interaction with the troll. We discuss the dangers of internet rumors for businesses and individuals in today’s racially charged climate. We talk philly boxing legends like Hopkins, Frazier, Garcia, and Balboa. Marco gives more details on the south philly Columbus controversy.

Episode #58:
Battle of the Sexes

On episode 58 Marco figures out that puppies could fix all race relations with puppies. Devin throws a wrench in his theory by expressing his speciesist hatred of dogs. We talk about UFC and Fight Island and if now that fights are on an island could we finally see intergender fights and if so could Amanda Nunes beat a top 10 in the ufc. We discuss russian slap competitions and Ronnie Coleman and various accents and Jeffrey Epstein and the Franklin Coverup. Marco talks about the Columbus statue conflict in south philly between neighborhood residents and social justice activists.

Episode #57:
Timkashi 6ix9ine

On episode 57 Marco, Tim, and Devin discuss their middle names and Tim learns that he was the victim of racial profiling last week at Devins Studio and Marco shares a story about a student accusing him of being racist. We talk a lot about the criminal justice system. Tim shares his experiences of twice being wrongfully arrested for aggravated assault and murder as well as his refusal to snitch to the cops but his willingness to snitch on Marcos daughter for cursing. Devin talks more about cop and community relations in camden and we also discuss the recent UFC event and how the added pressure of a death of a loved one can both help and hurt a competitor on the night of the fight.

Episode #56:
A serious conversation

On episode 56 we talk about the current state of the world. Riots, police brutality and race relations in the US. Devin give us some insight into his experiences growing up with police in Camden. We talk a little about martial arts and how it can help law enforcement.

Episode #55:
Old School

On episode 55 while the world burns down around us Marco and Tim reminisce about the old days of Philadelphia BJJ at maxercise.

Episode #54:
Gaethje vs Ferguson breakdown

On episodes 54, Marco is given the key to the city of maple shade for saving a students life. Tim saves Marcos life with the gift of an official Hellfish covid mask but gets nothing. They discuss some of the best gifts they’ve received from students and Tim reveals when Hellfish will reopen from the lockdown. Marco reveals some details about where he is moving his gym and when. They also discuss the recent ufc championship fight between Justin Gathje and Tony Ferguson. We also take some questions and comments from the listeners

Episode #53:
Ninja Rob vs Science

Recorded on May 9th 2020

Marco, Tim, and Devin sit down for a rambling podcast to discuss topics ranging from sushi, coronavirus lockdown, and blacksploitation films. They give their predictions on the 1st ufc card since the pandemic. They discuss the cruz vs cejudo, Gathje vs Ferguson, Nganu vs Rosenstriuk and talk about what the fighters must do to win. We also get a letter from a Doctor friend of the show regarding our ignorance of infectious disease and public health

Episode #52:
One Year and Twenty Thousand downloads later

Recorded on 05/2/2020

The 52nd episode of the podcast marks the one year anniversary of the show. On this episode, we are deep into the coronavirus lockdown. With the Martial Arts world on lockdown our time has been spent learning new things, we talk about the Unabomber, technology and uploading our consciousness into a computer and then downloading it into other people, we reminisce about our appearance on the reality show Comic Book Men. We also talk about what jiu jitsu schools will look in a post Covid world. We discuss the deadly ramifications of punching someone on the street and we discuss Mike Tysons potential comeback.

Episode #51:
Gummy worms, clean eating, peaceful resistance or unarmed militia

Recorded on 04/25/2020

On the 51st episode, Marco shares his shameful fall from the wagon of clean eating. Marco, Tim, and Devin discuss what led to Marco breaking his diet and they dive deep into some junk food talk about which brand of gummy worms and what pizza toppings are best. Tim tries to talk Marco and Devin into joining his resistance movement with limited success. We also talk the upcoming UFC with Cejudo vs Cruz as the main event and figure out how to fix the virus lockdown.

Episode #50:
Team Wal-Mart vs. Team Target

Recorded on 04/18/2020

On the historic 50th episode of the podcast, Marco, Tim, and Devin discuss life in the time of Coronavirus. We take a deep dive into the differences between Walmart and Target. We discuss the differences in quality of merchandise, customer service, employees, and customers between our two favorite essential businesses. Not much has gone on in the martial art world recently, so Tim continues to unravel while Marco and Devin continue to play video games.

Episode #49:
5G vs Coronavirus

Recorded on 04/11/2020

Episode 49 takes place during one of the countless weeks of the corona virus quarantine. We talk about how the lock down has ruined our sense of time and date and whether or not the 5g from Tims Iphone is the actual cause of the pandemic. We try and talk at least some martial arts and we discuss the cancellation of UFC 249. We discuss the difference between sport and skilled activities and try to figure out what makes a sport a sport and what sports are not sports. We discuss the state of the world under the tyranny of the corona virus and questioning authority and getting a second opinion.

Episode #48:
Rosberg vs Hamilton, World Champion vs The Best Ever, and Tim vs Covid-19

Episode 48 04/04/2020

Episode 48 was recorded on the 4th day of the 4th month of 2020 in the 3rd week of the coronapocalypse. Tim’s hopeful prediction of a quick recovery have been shattered and he has lost track of days, times and purpose in life. His only reason for getting out of bed in the afternoon anymore is to record the podcast with Marco and Devin who have found their life’s purpose in video games. Marco has also found a new passion in formula one car racing. We also debate whether or not Formula one racing is a sport and answer some questions from the listeners and give some recommendations on quarantine entertainment. 

Episode #47:
The plural form of apocalypse, fake deaths, and Dagestani wrestlers

On episode 47 Marco finally takes a crack at writing the description (Tim normally writes them). Devin, Tim and Marco try to figure out plurals and how faking your death could go over in middle school. We launch the “super awesome jiu-jitsu” movement within kids Jiu-Jitsu. We discuss the possible outcomes of Khabib vs Ferguson fight. And last but not least Ninja Rob takes a shallow dive into the history of Dagestan and its wrestlers. A note to all fans this episode was recorded on March 28th.

Episode #46:
Part 2 with Dr. NJ Campbell

Episode 46 is part 2 of 2 featuring Marco, Tim, Devin and the podcasts resident doctor, training partner and friend Dr. NJ Campbell to discuss the Coronavirus and the impact it is having on the martial arts world. 

In this episode we talk about societal collapse supply chain economics and we give our coronapocalypse predictions.

Episode #45:
Pandemic, Hysteria, Social Distancing and Breaking Quarantine

Dr. NJ Campbell is invited back to discuss the implications of the current covid crisis with Dev, Tim, and Marco while they give a myriad of opinions on how society at large may be impacted.

Episode #44:
Coronapocalypse, Tims guide to survival, and the rodecaster

It’s the coronapocalypse and Tim and Marco break quarantine for the podcast. They sit down to talk about the Coronavirus and how it is affecting the martial arts world. The virus has not only impacted the martial arts on a local level by forcing schools to close their doors but also canceling fights and grappling tournaments. Tim, excited for the end of the world as we know it gives some insight into his plan to survive the apocalypse if and when it happens and Marco gets excited about Devins new podcast recording device.

Episode #43:

On episode 43 Marco and Tim talk about the benefits of private lessons and what kind of student would benefit the most from  them. They also get into a discussion about the differences between the bjj/mma world and the traditional martial arts world and why someone would choose Kung fu over Bjj and how to become certified in almost anything through Tim’s new business. They recap the big fights from the ufc and give their take on the controversial decisions in the championship fights.

Episode #42:
A fast bag of hammers, bad ref stoppages and Flavor Flav

On episode 42 Tim, Marco , and Devin talk about martial arts feuds between opposing styles and when to pick your battles. They discuss the Brazil trip, passport issues and concerns about the corona virus. They recap some recent ufc fights and what makes for a bad referee stoppage. We also talk about mixed style grappling matches and the early days of Philly Jiu jitsu. 

Episode #41:
Tyson Fury the new champ and how to spot a fraud trainer

On episode 41 Tim and Marco talk the sweet science of boxing and recap the beat down of Deontay Wilder at the hands of Tyson Fury. They also talk about how to spot good and bad trainers and the recent controversy over Diego Sanchez and his weird new trainer/coach/physical therapist/manager/life coach.

Episode #40:
Ugly ducklings aren't ugly forever Featuring
Kaitlyn "Blonde Fighter" Chookagian and Kyle Cerminara

On the 40th episode, Marco and Tim are joined by good friend of the show and loyal listeners Kyle Cerminara and Kaitlyn Chookagian. Kyle is one of the best wrestling coaches in MMA and grappling and Kaitlyn is the #1 ufc female contender in her weight class. They talk about pet peeves, training, fighting, sous vide cooking, growing from an ugly duckling into a swan, and Kyles new wrestling instructional for bjj fanatics.

Episode #39:
Jones vs Reyes and Winter Sports

On episode 39, Marco gets a recap of UFC 247 from Tim and Devin. They breakdown the Jones vs Reyes main event and discuss the wild judging that night and the unpredictable nature of mma in general. Marco talks about his recent foray into cross country skiing and we talk some recent bjj news.

Special Episode:
Ninja Rob Presents the Andocast featuring NJ Campbell

On this special episode, we are releasing an episode of the Ando Cast with Ninjarob podcast friend, listener, sometimes co host, training partner, and resident Psychiatrist Dr. NJ Campbell to discuss BJJ and mental health.

Episode #38
Feat. Kru Eric Karner: Muay Thai and how it helps grappling and #HETOO

On episode 38 Tim and Marco are joined by our great friend, loyal listener and master striking coach Kru Eric Karner. We talk about the #hetoo movement in the bjj world, the dangers of unwanted sensual touching in grappling, and cross training in Muay Thai and Bjj. We also discuss the crazy world of thai boxing and training in Thailand

Episode #37
RIP Kobe, Relson Gracie, IBJJF Euros and a prepared statement

On episode 37 Marco and Tim talk about some sad news in the sports world with the recent death of Kobe Bryant and the recent arrest of Relson Gracie in Brazil. After we get the negative news out of the way, we talk about the ibjjf European championship and answer some emails about hard work vs talent, how to visit other schools, our favorite combat sports rematches, our 5 man quintet listener only fantasy team, and which athletes got paid the most at the recent Modolfo camp.

Episode #36
Gracie Jiu-Jitsu vs 10th Planet, Connor vs Cowboy, and Tim vs addiction

On episode 36 Marco and Tim talk about guns, prostitution, drugs, kung fu and how becoming addicted to training in martial arts beats becoming addicted to heroin. We talk about two of the extreme ends of the Jiu Jitsu spectrum in the Gracie Academy and 10th planet and which style we prefer. We also recap the fights from this weekend and talk about Conor Mcgregors comeback fight against Cowboy and what we think Conors next fight will be.

Episode #35
Philly Muay Thai controversy, Marc Laimon, and our preferred method of execution

On episode 35 Tim and Marco tackle some recent #metoo style controversy in the Philly Muay Thai community and discuss the dangers of relationships developing between students as well as students and instructors. They also discuss the classic match between Marc laimon and Ryron Gracie as an example of how to win under any ruleset. We also take questions about the difference between fundamentals and basics in bjj, sparring between men and women, last meals and our preferred method of execution when the time comes.

Episode #34
Serial killers, strip steaks, and a couple of questions

On episode 34 Marco and Tim discuss some of the lesser known aspects of the martial arts lifestyle, namely using the sous vide method of cooking steaks and researching true crime and serial killers through various books, podcasts and YouTube videos. We also talk some pure Jiu Jitsu and give some tips on etiquette for rolling and critiquing others, and how to study film for bjj.

Episode #33
Mount Rushmore

It’s the Last episode of the year. We discuss our plans for the new year and/or lack there of, Gordon Ryan’s recent retirement, and Marco, Tim, and Devin give their respective metaphorical Mt Rushmore’s of both Jiu jitsu and Hip Hop

Episode #32
Our worst episode yet. Merry Christmas

It’s the Christmas episode. As a gift to the listeners, we kept this one short. We talk about the holidays, the Americana arm lock, who would win in an fight between Mike Tyson and a high school wrestler, how to find your style, and we reveal a few more vague details about the upcoming ninja rob trip to Brazil.

Episode #31
UFC 245 breakdown and how a phone call saves a life

On Episode 31 Marco and Tim sit down and talk about Marcos recent hospital visits. A student has a heart attack on the mats and we talk about handling medical emergencies in our schools. Devin joins us to review the recent UFC fights. We talk about the recent Gordon Ryan Bo Nickal match and give our opinions on gun, knife, and multiple attacker self defense training, and Devin shares some first hand experience with us.

Episode #30
Tim gives his opinion on organized crime, Marco respectfully invokes his rights under the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution on the grounds that answering questions may incriminate him

On Episode 30 Marco and Tim discuss the upcoming trip to Florianopolis Brazil and the grand opening of the new NJMA affiliate school Team Wolf BJJ and when it is the right time for a student to open their own gym and become an instructor. We also talk about the Bo Nickal vs Gordon Ryan mixed rules match and Ruiz vs Joshua rematch in boxing. We get to answer some emails from listeners that we had missed on the previous episode and re-visit the age old debates of Muay Thai vs Jiu Jitsu and Cats vs Dogs.

Episode #29
Is your instructor stale or fresh? We answer why Gordon Ryan isn't a Gi world champion.

On Episode 29 Marco and Tim grapple with emails from listeners. We discuss some interesting ideas about rule sets for the potential ninja rob universal grappling championship, Gordon Ryan in the gi, whether or not an instructor has a responsibility to continue to learn and stay up to date with current trends and techniques in jiu jitsu, is there an advantage to being a Brazilian in a IBJJF tournament.

Episode #28
Takedowns, Retro Gaming, and the Ninja Rob Universal Invitational Tournament

On Episode 28 Marco and Tim do a quick recap of the Spyder Korea $100k Tournament and discuss the possibility of a Ninja Rob Universal Grappling Invitational Tournament in the future and what ruleset the competition will follow along with how to come up with the prize money and who will be invited to compete. We also discuss promotions in BJJ and the recent upgrades in rank for the Hellfish Jiu Jitsu students. The mysterious Alpha and Omega is back with another question about how to effectively train takedowns in a BJJ class and attempts to clarify his attempt to chastise the hosts for the way they refer to Devin on the show.

Episode #27
Ninja Rob does Brazil

On Episode 27 Marco and Tim discuss the 1st Ninja Rob Seminar that recently took place and share some of their favorite moments from the event. Marco is flattered and confused to be invited to brunch by a strange man. A loyal listener tries to defend Devin from a possible racist attack, and we discuss one of the most fancy techniques in grappling and how to practice it safely.

Episode #26
Tim outs Marco, water gets spilled, and Seminar update

On Episode 26 Marco and Tim spend the majority of the show answering a lone Listeners question. They talk about the life of being a professional martial artist and business owner, and if there is anything they do outside of martial arts to make money, how to become an expert in your field in general and martial arts in particular, and finally how we decide on what and how to teach an advanced/Mixed level group of students. 

Episode #25
How to best prepare young people for real life street combat, Keenan Cornelius’ American Jiu Jitsu, the Nicky Rod phenomenon, and our experiences with pet ownership.

On Episode 25 listen to Marco and Tim give their post fight predictions of Masvidal vs Diaz UFC card along with Producer Devins take on the fights. We talk weight cutting controversies like Kelvin Gastelum and Daniel Cormiers tricks for cheating the scale and since we are part of the BJJ community we respond to an open letter from a transgender person to the BJJ community and give our takes on the idea of an open gender division in sports and the social implications. We also discuss frauds and scams in martial arts and how to avoid them before answering questions from listeners about how to best prepare young people for real life street combat, Keenan Cornelius’ American Jiu Jitsu, the Nicky Rod phenomenon, and our experiences with pet ownership.

Episode #24
Askren sucks, USADA sucks, and Cats suck

On this special Halloween episode, Tim shows up in costume on his way to a Halloween party to talk to Marco about the Maia vs Askren fight result and the upcoming BMF title fight between Diaz and Masvidal and predict the winner. We talk about the recent USADA controversy with Nate Diaz and the problem with having USADA involved in the sport. We take questions from listeners and discuss how to break through plateaus in training, switching to a plant based diet, local MMA prospects, and the difference between cat owners and dog owners in the BJJ/fighting community.

Episode #23
Tims awful match, inhalergate and Panama Lewis revisited

On episode 23 Marco and Tim breakdown some of the matches from Fight 2 Win in philly including the main event between Nicky Rod and Kaynan Duarte, Tim Williams, and Tims match against an opponent that refused to engage. Marco lays a guilt trip on Tim for not listening to his appearance on the Andocast and then they discuss the recent UFC fights including inhaler gate and Greg Hardy, and Chris Weidmans rapid decline in MMA and what it means for his legacy. In other podcast talk we talk about listening to each others recommendations and get deep into multilevel marketing and the mayhem and murder of Carl Panzram. We also answer questions from listeners about wawa donuts, favorite sports teams outside of combat sports, and training through injury and illness.

Episode #22
Kron Gracie losing, winning, and loyalty

On episode 22 Marco and Tim talk about Marcos recent guest appearance on the Andocast and Kron Gracies loss to Cub Swanson and what a Jiu Jitsu fighter needs to do in training in order to compete in the ufc. Tim and Marco discuss the upcoming Ninja Rob Super Seminar as well as the direction of the podcast and what podcasts we like to listen to when we are not listening to ourselves.

Episode #21
The seminar to end all seminars

On episode 21 Marco and Tim discuss the results of ADCC last weekend and some of the most talked about matches. Tim gives a review of the new joker movie and Marco reveals what he will be teaching at the upcoming Ninja Rob Seminar in November. After answering questions from the listeners they talk a little bit about some of the benefits of owning a Martial Arts school.

Episode #20
Who are Tim and Marco's biggest influences in teaching

On episode #20 Marco and Tim discuss Marcos most recent beef with fellow/rival podcast the Andocast. Marco is incensed that the Andocast recently featured Tim as a guest rather than himself. The podcast this week features some live play by play of ADCC along with some predictions and discussion of Keenan Cornelius and Marcos experience with Pink eye. Speaking of pink, the podcast discusses Team Balance promoting their 1st Female black belt. The challenges faced by women and men in BJJ, a fellow Martial Arts School recently burning down and how we can all help, and they also answer some questions about women in bjj, and who are the best instructors we have ever trained with.

Episode #19
Competing vs Training, Pace, Intensity and Technique

On episode #19 Marco and Tim discuss Marcos recent experience at the IBJJF nogi pans and the differences between competition and training, the difference in pace, intensity and the gap between techniques that work in training and techniques that work in competition as well as the importance of sticking with your most high percentage moves rather than trying something new in the heat of battle. The podcast also goes deep into the difference between “old school” and “modern” bjj techniques and which is better, who is the better cook between the 2 co hosts, and what tournaments are best for the average practitioner to get started. As a bonus topic the podcast also gets into some updates on producer Devins uncomfortable issues that are preventing him from training.

Episode #18
Size matters with Joe Szatmary

On episode #18 Tim and Marco welcome the Strongest man in the US on to the show to discuss strength and conditioning for the martial arts and martial arts for the conditioned and strong. US Strongman National Champion Joe Szatmary is the owner of The Lions Den Elite Training Center and also a student under Tim at Hellfish MMA in Chalfont. He brings a wealth of knowledge about training for strength and conditioning for various sports including BJJ and Muay Thai. Joe recently competed in his first BJJ competition and he shares his experience as an elite athlete crossing over into a new sport. The guys also answer questions about, who is the best pound for pound, what guests will be coming on in the future, what is the best cheesesteak in philly, and whose responsible for safety during training.

Episode #17
How to join a modern martial arts school (the episode for your friends that don't train)

On episode #17 Tim and Marco show up unprepared to do the podcast, but end up giving listeners a glimpse of what a beginner should expect to experience at each of their schools. They go over the process of someone trying out the classes and then joining the gym. They also discuss some upcoming plans for the podcast including a special seminar for Ninja Rob listeners. Producer and owner of SFX studios also shares some of his experiences as someone brand new to Jiu Jitsu.

Episode #16
A Jiu-Jitsu roundtable with Jared Weiner

On episode #16 Tim and Marco welcome their 1st guest and longtime friend Jared Weiner, owner of BJJ United and Commander in Chief of the TAC team association. This episode is a Jiu Jitsu roundtable discussion covering topics like BJ Penns recent street fights and his past altercations at Jiu Jitsu competitions. The roundtable also cover topics like the importance of understanding the various rulesets of different competitions and what set of rules each of the guys prefers, what is the “IT” factor when it comes to a competitor, the importance of a competitor believing in his coach, the pros and cons of social media and the martial arts, belt demotions instead of promotions and much much more.

Episode #15
Beef, Bootleg Instructors and Bobos

On episode #15 Marco is obsessed with beef. The episode kicks off with beef between Marco and Podcast contemporary Gillie the King on behalf of producer Devin based on some disparaging remarks Gillie made about Marco. Tim has some serious questions about the process and value of beefing. Marco and Tim have some beef of their own. Continuing the theme of beefing in the martial arts world, Marco and Tim discuss some recent incidents of both verbal and physical altercations between some big names in the BJJ community. There were a lot of questions this week covering topics like, Mcgregor vs Khabib 2, some of our favorite tournament experiences, should a white belt focus on position or submission, the steep learning curve of BJJ, whats up with Marcos finger, the BJJ specialist, and applying concepts of bjj to normal life.

Episode #14
Tim shows us that Bro-science is the only science when it comes to PEDs

On episode #14 Tim and Marco talk about the current state of the amateur fight game and what it takes to compete and fight. Tim gives Marco an education on a popular new class of PEDs called SARMS and Marco flirts with the idea of enhancing his performance. The guys discuss the importance of strength and conditioning for both competitors and recreational Martial artists as well as a weird story of an instructor giving students a personality test before rolling and pairing students up according to the results. Listeners ask and we answer questions about asking a higher belt to roll, how to escape when a man is sitting on your face, and will th PFL ever be successful in the fight game.

Episode #13
Hostage crisis averted.

On episode #13 Marco and Tim continue to seek the truth about Bruce Lee and his fighting prowess after his controversial portrayal in the new Tarantino film. Marco reads an unfavorable review of a local martial arts school and takes a deep dive into what makes a martial arts school successful. Tim and Marco discuss what amenities are necessary at a martial arts school and Marco shares a story about saving a friend who had been held hostage in Pakistan from the comfort of his south philly home. Loyal listener Gabe Lackfella asks the guys what their favorite guard passes are and how they prefer to finish.

Episode #12
The oxford comma, proxy wars, butt scooting, and fan mail

On episode #12 Tims groin is once again the focus of the show, as the guys discuss his recent groin injury and why he had to pull out of his Fight 2 Win match last week. Tim and Marco go back to a question from last week about the debate over the oxford comma. Tim has some strong opinions on the seated guard/butt scooting position in grappling and how it is bad for the sport. Questions this week cover topics like Donald Trump training bjj, who are your favorite BJJ/MMA competitors of all time, and how to make the decision to pull out of a competition.

Episode #11
Tims groin, Marcos fetishes and the harsh realities of professional fighting

On episode #11 Tim turns 39 and Marco discuss Tims upcoming fight to win match and dealing with a recent groin injury, and touch on the topic of weight cutting in both bjj and MMA. Marco comes to terms with his obsession with Tims sexual exploits and makes a commitment to letting it go. Other topics covered include the idea of “slow practice” in learning guitar and martial arts, the oxford comma debate, gym wars and whether or not they are necessary or beneficial. how to handle the criticism from untrained armchair warriors. After the tragic death of Maxim Dadachaev in a recent boxing match Marco and Tim talk about the responsibility of a corner/coach in the safety of a fighter and when to throw in the towel, whether it is better to be a specialist or a generalist in BJJ, and how to properly be selfish as a fighter/competitor without being an asshole.

Episode #10
Tim is back to rescue the podcast

On episode #10 Tim returns from his vacation in Hungary to rescue the podcast. Marco and Tim discuss the how to’s of training while traveling and talk about some of the benefits. Tim will be competing in Fight 2 Win soon and the guys talk preparation for competition. Tim and Marco figure out whats up with the term and concept of the “Creonte” and get into a heated debate on the “gaunlet” that is used at many bjj gyms as a right of passage. Tim and Marco talk about how Bloodsport is their favorite Martial Arts movie and Finally Tim discusses the extraordinary amount of transgender students that have recently trained at his gym and Marco attempts to get him to fully commit to allyship with the LGBTQIA+ community.

Episode #9
Fixed mind state vs growth mind state

On episode #9, of The Ninja Rob Podcast Marco welcomes guest host NJ Campbell, MD (Psychiatrist) while Tim is off gallivanting across Europe. They discuss NJ’s ability to juggle jiu-jitsu, school, and work while in pursuit of his black belt. They discuss the myriad health benefits of practicing jiu-jitsu as a coping mechanism for everyday-life-stressors and to fend off mild cases of depression and anxiety. They go on to discuss the benefits of using a growth mind state vs. a fixed mind state to improve one’s jiu-jitsu and to help cope when life gets difficult. With Tim’s up and coming Fight to Win match they discuss techniques to help prepare for tournaments that include drilling, visualization, and picking the right training partners. After Marcelo Garcia made a statement against trash talk Marco and NJ debate the risks and benefits of “talking shit.” Finally,in response to a listener’s question they discuss what it takes to stay humble, friendly, and ego free while having fun on the mat.

Episode #8
A crappy day on the mats

On episode #8, of The Ninja Rob Podcast Marco and Tim answer questions from the listeners starting with a question from a brown belt about what should the focus be at that stage of the jiu-jitsu journey. A listener questions Tims knowledge of Bruce lee, and we go over some of the mandatory movies, fights, and matches that all martial artists should see. Other questions include, Are the Gracies part of the Illuminati? Is using the bottom of your foot to finish a choke a dirty move? Who would win a fight between Tim and Batman? Is training while high on Marijuana a good idea? What should a fighter need to hear from his corner and what should a corner be looking for from his fighter?

Episode #7
How much is your Jiu-Jitsu worth?

On episode #7, of The Ninja Rob Podcast Marco and Tim answer questions from the listeners starting with a great hypothetical about how much money it would take for each to give up all of their jiu-jitsu skills and experiences and start back over from a day one white belt. Other questions include does the “training mask” help you get in better shape? How to deal with a nuisance student or an overly opinionated parent of a child student? What is “black belt entitlement”? What is the meta game of BJJ? How do Tim and Marco break down a 1 hour Jiu-Jitsu Class? and more. We also discuss the profundity of some of Mike Tysons recent statements on his podcast.

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Episode #6
Promotions, Belts, Stripes and the chase for recognition

On episode #6, Marco and Tim talk about promoting students in Jiu-Jitsu class. What are some of the metrics used to promote students and the dreaded curse of the blue belt. They also discuss a viral video of an instructor punishing a student and injuring him to demonstrate his personal disdain for a certain technique. As usual, they answer questions from the listeners covering topics like overcoming the urge to quit training, how to handle training while injured, flow rolling, combat Jiu-Jitsu, and training for longevity rather than trying to get “good” quickly.

Episode #5
Rear Naked Choke vs Heel Hook which submission is king?

On episode #5 of The Ninja Rob Podcast, Marco and Tim answer some great questions from the listeners. Some of the questions we answer include, Is Marco as racist against Asians as he seems? How a does a fighter get into one of the big time fighting organizations? Should warm ups be a part of a BJJ class? What is the difference between training too rough and too soft? Should BJJ be mandatory for law enforcement? Is the Wim Hof method useful for bjj? Tim and Marco get to the bottom of these questions and more along with a breakdown on the most effective submissions from the ADCC trials and the death of notorious MMA Fighter and sex offender Pat Smith.

Episode #4
Helio Gracie vs Bruce Lee a definitive breakdown of an imaginary fight.

On episode #4 Tim and Marco answer some fantastic questions from the listeners. We reveal how to become more “technical” at jiu jitsu, how to use the jiu jitsu belt ranking system in the wrestling world, what techniques are considered to be “dirty” or “meathead” moves in jiu jitsu, how to recover from hard training, and who would win in a fight between Helio Gracie and Bruce Lee. We also do a quick recap of the recent World Championships in Jiu Jitsu and Boxing.

Episode #3

On episode 3 of The Ninja Rob Podcast, Marco and Tim answer several questions from the listeners ranging from spirituality in the martial arts to dealing with the challenges of competing. The age old debate of Gi vs No-Gi comes up and is finally settled once and for all. Finally, Marco shares a harrowing tale of how he was able to use his Martial Arts training in everyday life.

Episode #2

On this week’s episode of the Ninja Rob Podcast with Marco Perazzo and Tim carpenter, we discuss some recent events in the mma/fighting world including Malinaggi spitting on Lobov with a friend of ours getting sprayed in the crossfire, Urijah Faber vs Nicky Ryan in Polaris, and if Nicky Ryan is a prodigy, if a prodigy even exists. We also touch on Sage Northcutts face getting smashed into pieces, the efficacy of leg locks in MMA or the lack thereof.

Episode #1

Our debut episode, we talk about MVP getting starched, world class striking in mma, BJ Penn, Keenan Cornelius and toxic environments, competing and its responsibility, the future of Ninja Rob Podcast and some of the not so fun things of owning a martial arts school.

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